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Best Offset Smoker Grill Combo 2022

The Ten best offset smoker grill 2022 Best Offset Smoker Grill Combo 2022 1. Char-Broil 13201747-05 Longhorn Offset Smoker/Grill You’re not going to do much better than the Char-Broil Longhorn Offset smoker is a great smoker for the money. There […]

Best Traeger Smokers 2022

Traeger is one of the names that you’ll come across fairly often when looking at smokers. Smokers use a low and even heat to turn wood chips or pellets into smoke that slowly cooks the meat and other ingredients inside […]

Best Pellet Smoker Recipes

A wood pellet smoker uses small pellets made from real hardwood to subtly impart a smoky flavor in meats, vegetables and anything else you feel like smoking. When you look at some of the best pellet smoker recipes, you’ll even […]

The History of Smoking Meat

The history of smoking meat goes back ages, and is a very unique cooking art form which used to be one of the basic processes of preserving food before refrigeration was invented. Today, we’re able to appreciate it more for […]

Big Green Egg Ceramic Grill

Let’s be realistic – out of all the kamado grills in the US, the Big Green Egg has definitely been the most consistently popular one. It had taken the nation by storm in the early ‘70’s and has never looked […]

how to smoke meat

You have landed on the right site if you want to learn how to smoke meat. If there’s one thing humans have enjoyed from the dawn of time, it’s eating. At first, eating was a pure survival instinct and there […]